In una risposta il senso della sua poesia:snyder

WERTHEIMER: It’s interesting, though, that in some of your poems, there’s – you know, there’s just sort of the – you’re purely dealing with nature, and then you’ll stick something in like the truck that’s in four-wheel-drive.

SNYDER: Well, you know, that’s the world we live in. Poetry isn’t about just nature. It’s about reality. And as a Buddhist, Buddhism does not just favor a nice side of the phenomenal universe. Buddhism says we are all students of reality, whatever it is.


Here in the dark, the new moon long set.
A soft grumble in the breeze is the sound of a jet so high,
it’s already long gone by.
Some planet rising from the East shines through the trees.
It’s been years since I thought why are we here?

Gary Snyder


Qui nel buio, la luna è tramontata da tempo.
Un leggero borbottio nella brezza 
il suono di un jet così in alto,
già svanito.
Un pianeta da est luccica attraverso gli alberi.
Sono già tanti anni che non mi chiedo perchè siamo qui?

(Traduzione di Salvatore M.)